HELP: My friend is losing weight and I am worried about her, which is the opposite of jealous.

Jess was always the kind of girl who would join me for a second donut or a third sundae but ever since she started this “healthy/fitness” trend, she’s become a completely different person and I am honestly getting worried about her.

I feel like I don’t recognize her anymore. She’s traded bottomless fountain pop for avocado smoothies, Baconators for avocado wraps and mayonnaise for guacamole. Is she Mexican now? It just feels like this whole diet she’s been following is not good for her health, you know? Working out 3 times a week is something you do when you either get paid for it (celebrities) or you have an eating disorder (also celebrities),  neither of which she is! Clearly, there’s something wrong.

I mean… it’s weird now because people now see me as the “chubby” friend and that’s just complicating things for people. People are your friends, and as your friends you should #NeverChange as in “Friends Forever, #NeverChange.” But it’s fine, Jess will eventually get over this rough patch and continue living with a gym and abs that she never knew she had.

Jess, if you ever read this letter, I hope you understand that I am just looking out for you and you are my best friend. And if you keep on losing weight you will lose the biggest weight you have: my friendship and also my keyboard stand. Seriously you borrowed it two years ago, I need it back.

Hopefully friends forever,

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