“I had noticed that I’d been sweating a little bit in my fall coat.” The words of a man trying to pick up the pieces.
“He’d only said it in passing but it was right on the nose. I couldn’t believe it.”
On Saturday morning at 11:15 am EST in Toronto’s west end, Joseph McMichael, 32, walked innocuously down the stretch of alley leading from the street to his apartment. His mind was elsewhere, absent of focus; steeped in the evening prior’s whiskey. “I was thinking about hockey, I’m pretty sure.”
As he walked, he heard a scraping akin to the raking of leaves. Lifting his heavy head, he saw the warm grin of Moore Stevenson, 61, who’d allegedly spent the morning catching up on yard work. “Usually we say ‘Hey’ and maybe a ‘How’s it going’, and we did, but he followed it up with an absolute haymaker. I wasn’t ready.”
Stevenson was unavailable for comment, but several reports indicate that, following the usual pleasantries, he remarked, “Looks like we’re back in summer for now.”
“I was shell-shocked. All I could muster was a chuckle and a barely audible ‘yea’,” said McMichael. “It’d been two degrees out not twenty-four hours earlier. It had to have been at least thirteen by then. One time we joked about how we’d both been at cottages in Barrie for the weekend and that we should have gotten together, but apart from that, it’s always just been ‘hello’. I couldn’t believe it.”
McMichael remains in stable condition.

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