Dinner and drinks are so passé. We live in a city with so much going on, it’s really a shame wasting your Tinder dates on happy hours. (I swear Johnny, if you take me to Milestone’s one more time I’m reactivating my Bumble account).

To assist you in creating the most memorable experiences possible on a first, second, third date or, alternatively, reigniting the spark with your long-time love, I have compiled a list of the most unique, original, and romantic spots as well as things to do in them—all are sure to score you a home run—whatever that means. Winking emoji. Is that clear? I’m referring to sex.

1) Bata Shoe Museum

Inconveniently open until 5 p.m. most days, the Bata Shoe Museum is perfect for those without a steady job and a foot fetish. The exhibits range from shoes, to shoes. Some are old, some are new, all are smelly. All you need to know is that you can’t try them on.

Bonus: If you and your honey are on a budget, you can check out their free online exhibits without even having to leave the comfort of your home. You may even be able to Skype it in if weather is unfavourable for a 3 dimensional date.

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