Marisa Ferrero, a business woman of Italian descent with straight long hair, was recently caught lieing to her coworker Fernanda, hispanic descendent, about wanting to have her curly hair.

Fernanda, who has spent her entire life straightening her hair, had a recent complication with her blow dryer that left her with no other option than having to go to work with her natural curly frizzy hair.

Whitnesses at the coffee room describe the scene in which Marisa explicitly said to Fernanda that she “would kill to have curly hair like yours” and that Marisa “hated her straight boring hair”. Social anthropologists describe this effect as the ‘oh stop, i would kill for’ effect that women automatically use when they hear a fellow woman complaining about her natural hair.

After the incident, several people at the office started to complain about Marisa’s lies. “This is not the first time that Marisa has lied about wanting to change her looks” claims Stefanie with an F. “She once told me that she hated her skinny body and would do anything for my curvy hips….really Marisa, really?”

Kymberly with two Ys describes Marisa as a “Compulsive lier” and apparently she is not the only one. When asked about explaining this theory, Kymberly explains “She has the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect height but she is a huge lier. She once told me she would love to be shorter like me so she could finally buy small female appropriate shoes”.

We will continue to cover the story of Marisa Ferrero whose natural tanned skin we would all kill our neighbour for.

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