These musicians’ careers are on fire right now. Lady Gaga recently topped the Billboard Artist 100 list as the number 1 artist in the U.S., Bruno Mars has a new single, and Toronto’s The Weeknd has a new album full of chart toppers as well. But most importantly, last night they performed at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This is the pinnacle of success that every artist aims for in their career, and this trio of superstars is no exception.

The performances were a stunning success. According to one attendee, Bruno Mars, “Sang a song? I think?” Another stunned audience member described The Weeknd’s performance as “Kind of blocking one of the Angels’ right side for a sec.” Critics have weighed in as well, praising Lady Gaga for “touching her fist with one of the Angels’ fists at one point.”

The night was filled with insta-famous supermodels, a series of wings, and of course the $3 million gem-laden Fantasy Bra. Although the musical performances blew the audience away, the artists were slightly outperformed by the even more charismatic 24 feet of lace surrounding model Bella Hadid’s waist. When asked for comment about performing next to his ex, The Weeknd gushed “It was such an honour to even be able to stand next to 24 feet of lace. A lot of my musical style was influenced by 24 feet of lace.”

Although they performed for the first time last night, 24 feet of lace’s career has absolutely taken off. They will be performing at Coachella this summer. They will also be replacing as a judge on the voice. Comedy Central in is talks with 24 feet of lace’s people to hold a Roast.

None of last night’s artists will be asked to perform.
Written by Laura Leibow & Brittany Toole

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