It’s that time of year again! We’re barreling towards the shortest day of the year, which means we’re in that special season where it feels like bedtime at precisely 4:30 PM and you have to struggle to muster enthusiasm for literally anything that isn’t your bed. And it’s only going to get worse! It hasn’t even snowed yet in most places. But you don’t have to give in. It’s boot weather, so why not buy a pair you can use to try to outrun all these shitty winter feelings?


1) Ankle Booties
Wear these cute little numbers well into winter’s coldest months. You can refuse to cover up your exposed, chapped ankles while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge your rapidly declining emotional state! Are you depressed? What?! Would you be wearing these sick-ass ankle boots if you were DEPRESSED? We may never know. But as long as you wear these, you’re probably safe.

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