The popular Swedish furniture company, IKEA, presented the public with their new assembly instructions which now include a äktenskapsskillnad ställid8451fjfi$^& , Swedish for “Petition for Divorce” form for those newlywed couples who won’t make it through furnishing their first apartment.

Thousands of people have been complaining online about IKEA’s furniture and how hard it is to put them together by just following the illustrated instructions. Margaret York, a newlywed from Hamilton, recently posted on their website “Thanks IKEA for making my marriage a living hell with these tiny parts that don’t go together! Seriously, how hard it is to make a freaking video tutorial?!” or Jorge Rodriguez who wrote “I want a divorce thanks to my new HKIJFNKOOP cabinet”.

IKEA’s President and CEO, Peter Agnefjäll decided to take matters into own hands adding “We listened to our costumers and have exciting news. After today, anyone who purchases our products can either assemble their furniture or get a divorce. The choice is all theirs.”

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