It was announced yesterday that the 74th annual Golden Globes ceremony has been extended from its reasonable length of seven hours to an unprecedented seventeen. The ceremony will be held at the Beverly Hilton and hosted by late-night comedian, Jimmy Fallon – perhaps the only human who could still be happy after a seventeen-hour show. NBC has forgone any viewing of late night infomercials in order to clear its schedule, as the memoriam is expected to include hours of footage. Reports claim that the show’s producer knew by March that the in memoriam segment was going to be extensive, but could never have foreseen the shit-show that was 2016.

Meanwhile, Mick Rumsky, the longtime segment producer for the in memoriam section of the Golden Globes has been hard at work for months. He has spent countless hours toiling over footage in the editing suite. With December bringing another shitstorm, he’s had to contend with many additions and edits. We spoke with Mick late last week to see how he was holding up and he appeared almost frenzied. “Although it was an awful year for many, 2016 really made this year’s Globes my time to shine. There may or may not be some jazzy new transitional shots. After November 8, I thought about adding America, but we just have no room in the star-studded line-up.”

Although many have breathed a sigh of relief because 2016 has officially ceased to stop murdering our heroes, the producers have clips of all of tonight’s expected attendees waiting on hand ‘just in case’.

The awards show, presented by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) will air on NBC live at 8:00 PM and will continue into the wee hours.

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