Last night at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep received the “Cecil B DeMille” award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. What was NOT outstanding was her blatant disregard for the many many people that were overlooked in her so-called “acceptance” speech. Looks like the word acceptance is being used pretty loosely Meryl. And the word Speech. Which is ironic because your NAME is Meryl Speech. Cecil B Demille would be rolling in her grave. Here are the people that so-called “Meryl” so-called “forgot” to thank, so-called:


1) Geri Halliwell

Meryl completely overlooked this British pop sensation. Halliwell has made huge contributions to the world of music, film, and spice, and yet Meryl did not thank her.


2) Gary Halliwell

I guess Meryl Streep was too busy asking the “principled press” to “hold power to account” and she completely forgot to thank Gary Halliwell, one of the greatest Halliwells of all time.


3) Cecil B. Demille

Really Meryl? The person this award was named after? Cecil B. Demille was a sweet sweet old lady that just loved watching movies and eating Werthers OG. She was your biggest fan, and you couldn’t even thank her. Disappointed.


4) Phish

After all they’ve done for you? She forgot to thank the members of Phish, yet Meryl spent ten minutes talking about people’s “instinct to humiliate” and how it “it filters down into everybody’s life.” What a fucking bitch.

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