January 10, 2017

It’s been proven with countless examples for almost 30 years that I am not to be trusted with my own life decisions. I have the utmost confidence that with your help, we can make Viola Davis quit the acting nonsense and focus on making my life choices from now on so I can have a brighter future, or at least, a future.

To give you the full picture, I am the kind of person who keeps seeing a guy whose idea of a date is to take her to eat bread at his house. I am also a girl who once said out loud that Marc Anthony was hot, and yes, I think ordering salmon bisque at a burger joint it’s a fantastic idea.

Give me the chance to get rid of my own self and let’s hand the keys to Viola!

Ways that you can support this petition
1. Leave a comment on this post showing your commitment.
2. Share the post with your friends and family on social media.
3. Go to Viola Davis’ house, bring a hard copy of this document and make her sign it.


Viola Davis

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