While digging super deep for fossils in Iceland, anthropologists discovered three more Kardashian sisters on Tuesday morning.

Though the age and height of the new Kardashians are still unconfirmed, anthropologists say that these new Kardashians will likely change the way we currently measure and think about Kardashians.

“The discovery of these new Kardashians changes the story as to how Kardashians come to be. Previously, we believed Kardashians could only grow in dry heat, in an environment with peak boredom and sense of banality. This discovery in Iceland changes that picture. How exactly, we don’t yet know.”

Sources say that the only thing known about the new Kardashians is their name and their occupation. Klorpus Kardashian is a designer, Kriss-Kross Kardashian is a designer, and Kool Runnings Kardashian is a designer AND designer.




PHOTO SOURCE: http://www.eonline.com/shows/kardashians

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