Joe Jonas is the new face, or should I say “butt” of the recently launched Guess underwear advertising campaign.

As a feminist, I should start by saying that when it comes to modeling and body image, men shouldn’t be treated as objects no matter how delicious their butts are. That’s just plain double standards and it’s not what we are all about. No human being should be treated as an object or commodity, not even Joe Jonas whose strong abs and arms makes me want to hurt him so he can take revenge and things would get very physical. I mean VERY physical, like Joe Jonas if you are reading be careful.

It’s time we realize that male sexual objectification is a real problem. Studies reveal that 37% of advertisements feature men’s body parts to showcase a product. Body parts such as Joe Jonas’ juicy ass which I want to just rip off in one single bite, or maybe Joe Jonas’ oily six pack, or even Joe Jonas’ interesting package that I can only describe with Image resultImage resultImage result

Let’s fight for Joe Jonas’ rights, for the person behind that sweet, sweet ass.

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