Twenty-one year old Colton Sheridan recently became a level 4 DJ, sources report. He is one of the youngest DJs to reach this status. He showed great promise from the outset, according to Dr. Dubstep, the leader of Toronto’s local DJ chapter.

Sheridan became a level 1 DJ after attending 7 DJ shows in one week, in September of 2013. He swiftly moved through levels 2 and 3, convincing 12 of his friends to become DJs, who in turn convinced 12 of their friends to become DJs. He reached level 4 after convincing a woman that she should become a DJ. “We usually have a pretty hard time convincing women to join the cul…community,” says Dubstep, “so that warrants a whole level jump.”

Evidently, the idea is not to create and market good music, but to get other people to buy into the DJ community. The highest level is level 7, and you can only achieve that by selling 10 people on a group tour to Ibiza. And then killing your silencers.

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