Dating these days: it’s not easy! You’re either enduring date after date with various Mr. Wrongs, or you’re trying to force Mr. Right to see that you’re perfect for each other and that he should stop being an idiot, admit he’s in love with you, and delete Bumble off his phone already. If you’ve tried every trick in the book to try to get him to make things official with you, getting him an impromptu gift out of nowhere is a pretty good way to guilt him into saying he wants to be exclusive. Take a look at our top picks below!

1. A Homemade “Coupon” Book

Not sure how to tell him you want to take your relationship to the next level? Try this crafty approach. He’ll be smitten as he leafs through your adorable hand-drawn “coupons”, good for things like ONE MEAL, MADE BY ME and ONE BACK MASSAGE AFTER A LONG DAY. Look how sweet you are! How considerate! He’d be stupid to not call you his girlfriend after receiving this. Plus, since no one ever bothers reading the fine print on generous offers like these, you can totally use this to lead him into some morally shady and questionably legally binding relationship territory. Just wait until you see the look on his face as you wave his redeemed “GOOD FOR ONE SILLY ACTION MOVIE ON NETFLIX WITHOUT A *PEEP* FROM ME!” coupon, which CLEARLY states in the legal that anyone who agrees to the terms of this offer will also willfully agree to love Katie, call Katie their girlfriend for a minimum of two years, and not fuck anyone who is not the specific Katie who provided said offer. Checkmate, motherfucker. He’s locked in now.

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