Podcasts are a great way to log out from reality while you are on a two hour long bus ride to your shitty, minimum wage, dead-end job, but sometimes you may not be able to distinguish these people’s experiences from your own.

Here are a few signals that will help you determine whether or not you are living life though your podcasts:

1. You start every sentence with “I’m listening to this podcast”. It doesn’t matter if you are at a job interview or are having a fight with your boyfriend, you always bring up the fact that you listen to a lot of podcasts and they have taught you how to handle this particular situation.

2. You are now bulimic, alcoholic and a drug addict. The daily dose of listening to your childhood heroes has made you somatize all of their problems so now you have Hollywood’s addictions – less the money, fame or talent.

3. You bought a Lisa Mattress. You didn’t even need a new mattress, yours was fine and it cost you $1,500 not that long ago, but you just had to see that box the size of a mini fridge – even though you have never had a mini fridge so you really don’t understand this reference.

4. You started your own podcast. You are not famous, a criminologist, nor Ira Glass’ family and still you believe you have something to say on a weekly basis. If this is the case, then you definitely need to delete that podcast app, get out and live life as yourself.

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