The current state of American politics has affected the world in devastating and unknowable ways and the lives of millions of innocent people have been turned upside down. Now, more than ever, we must create an ongoing dialogue that will shine a light on important world issues. So let’s take a moment to talk about celebrities, because not only do they live in this world, they also have issues.

Celebrities aren’t just people, they are really attractive people. What they say and do matters more than anything else I could possibly ever think of. That’s why my team and I have gathered a group of top people to find out the last dying words of the world’s most beloved celebrities. Don’t let ambiguous statements like “my team” and “top people” deter you from reading this perfectly legitimate and scientificly backed article. Did I spell the word “scientificly” correctly? Do celebrities’ dying statements even have anything to do with scientific research? Of coarse!
Moving on, here are the haunting last dying words of 5 famous people:


1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, often referred to as the “king of pop,” created chart topping songs that we are still moon walking to long after the singer’s untimely and tragic death. On the night of Michael’s passing, he could be heard singing until his last waking moment. According to Michael’s caretaker, Caretaker Sue, these were his final words, “Hee hee, ow! No seriously, ow, dying really hurts.” Powerful stuff. Sounds like Michael’s lyrics carried him to up heaven. So beautiful.

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