5. Billy Bob Thornton
American actor and goatee enthusiast Billy Bob Thornton was best known in his mind for writing and starring in the film Sling Blade and best known in reality for starring in Bad Santa. Much like Reagan, Thornton was not without his controversies. For example, Thornton was married to Angelina Jolie at one point and then wasn’t married to her at another point. Thornton also did not live without hardship, as he had a major fear of silverware (God’s honest truth). It was recently reported that on a balmy Los Angeles evening, one of Thornton’s security guards tearfully witnessed Thornton being taken away by an LA coroners’ officer. Security Guard Sam revealed that he heard Billy Bob Thornton, or BBT as he called him, screaming, “What the hell? I’m still alive you idiot! Take your hands off my goatee! Get that spoon away from me!!” Rest in paradise BBT.

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