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Cinnamon Hearts
Not for the faint of heart. These little candies are perfect if you’re looking to keep things hot. Mystery is part of their allure. Does anyone really know what they’re made of? They pair great with chocolate because eventually you’re going to want something to dull the throbbing of your tongue. Don’t worry, it’s just all that cinnamon burning your tastebuds. Bonus: If you have a large enough bag of these candies, you can shake them furiously, eliciting a loud noise. Doing this in public will undoubtedly draw the attention of that cute guy that walks past you as you snack your cares away on your local park bench.


Chocolate (in the tackiest heart-shaped box you can find, of course)
What’s better than chocolate? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s a tried and true Valentine’s classic for a reason. Made even classier by the addition of a heart-shaped box, covered in some sort of felt or fake velvet or whatever. The more expensive the better. Or you know, just pick some up at your local dollar store. Who cares? It’s all chocolate. Curl up on the couch with a movie and an assorted box and prepare for your sweetest (and depending on the assortment, most surprising) Valentine’s Day yet.

Conversation Hearts
Ah yes, the ever constant, conversation hearts. A staple. So fun. So colourful. So what if your phone isn’t blowing up with romantic text messages? You can stay in and read the messages on these little hearts. No need to wait for a little text bubble to appear; they respond instantly. What other candy can you actually converse with? You never know what they’ll say. “Be Mine?” Yes you will, little heart. And once the whole pack is devoured, I will most certainly, “Miss You”.

Credit: Cadbury

Mini Eggs
Not technically a Valentine’s treat, you say? Then why are they everywhere right now? These little pastel eggs have a tough exterior but give them some time and you’ll crack their shell. For a long night in, treat yourself to the Costco-sized bag. Maybe it will last you to Easter or maybe it will only last through the night. Regardless, if you’re looking to keep your mind off the whole Valentine’s thing, these will do the trick. Trust me, all you’ll be thinking about once that bag is gone is how to get your next fix.

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