Rumours swirled this week regarding an invitation for Valentine’s Day from as early as August. Sources confirmed that Walter MacInnis of Roncesvalles did indeed issue said ambitious invite as early as six months in advance of the Feb 14th holiday.

We caught up with Sarah DeMarco, the recipient of the baffling invitation. She explained to us that she was initially overwhelmed by the level of commitment and dedication he was willing to demonstrate so early into the relationship.

He wanted me to help him plan his October birthday party, he planned a trip for us this summer, we talked about what kind of dogs we would have if we moved in together, I met his parents, we did couples’ night game nights with his friends – lots of fun stuff.

Excited to see what kind of plans a six month standing invitation will bring, we caught up with Sarah to ask where the big date will occur this evening.

“Oh, we’re not going out tonight. We’re actually not even seeing one another. Back in September, I simply asked where we should go for brunch. I guess this connoted a need to get married or something and he told me he ‘wasn’t looking for anything right now'”.

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