Amy Foster, 26, just had brunch with her four best friends on day 5 of her period – seemed like a safe time in her menstrual cycle to leave her house and face the world. She thought she could last without a tampon (day 5 is her lightest day and usually her flow is finished by now). She’s done this a hundred times before, but this cycle is different. It’s not like the others. She drinks too much coffee to aid her hangover and Kim just made a hilarious joke about “being no stranger to enjoying her eggs over easy” (which she initially thought was a sexual innuendo but was just a sincere comment about how she likes her eggs)…. and with one hearty laugh she feels a slight leak, but she can’t tell out of which end? It’s definitely not poop. It can’t be. She’s sitting in the corner seat in a tiny-ass restaurant and is too embarrassed to stand up. No amount of kegels can save her this time…. Walking towards the washroom, her face turned as red as the stain that she knew was beneath her.

When asked how she handled the dreaded walk towards the washroom, Amy said, “I honestly expected people to be repulsed by me but I saw a girl sympathetically nod my way and mouth, “I’ve been there”, so that was nice. Then a guy in line for the washroom looked at me, shrugged and reached into his jeans pocket to pull out a light tampon. I took it graciously and we locked eyes for a very sincere moment…. I was just flattered he thought my flow was ‘light’.”  Amy explains she’s learned her lesson and vows to wear tampons for a full 7 days no matter what.


*Since this article was written, Amy has admitted that she’s forgotten to change her tampons and has leaked many, many times through her underwear.

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