Last night’s Oscars will forever be remembered by ‘the time the Best Picture title was mistakenly awarded to La La Land’. And sure, maybe it was the Russians and they were going to award We Bought a Zoo the coveted award but decided it would be too suspicious.

The mix-up has unfortunately taken the eyes of the world off of the true magic that was the Oscars opening number. A masterfully composed, Can’t Stop the Feeling was belted out by superstar, Justin Timberlake as he entered into the Dolby Theatre in a whirlwind of choreography with a crew of dancers.

On a night when Hollywood gathers to celebrate how damn much it loves itself – and say some obligatory political remarks – the gorgeous people were brought together by song. Everyone was shocked and awed when real-life dancers disguised as actors left their seats next to the famous people and took to the aisles. It was not awkward at all.

Then, Nicole Kidman showed us all why she was nominated for best supporting actress! With her astonishing acting skills, she acted like she enjoyed this song from Trolls that is still everywhere. Even now, as we near the end of February, 2017 and the song was released May 6, 2016. Even now.

The ceremony then continued for another 17 hours, with no possible hints of superfluous jokes or bits. No excessive bits from stage production nor host, Jimmy Kimmel. No, nothing could have shortened the broadcast. Not a single over-done musical number.

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