It’s Sunday afternoon and you both have nothing else to do but have sex, the only problem is that you are not feeling it and would rather lay down all afternoon watch a crappy movie, order greasy takeout and stalk people on Instagram. However, you don’t want to be responsible for not having sex today, you want that to be on him, so… here are some ways that you can tease him into sex but not really.

1. Switch your beige underwear to black
Nothing says “I’m feeling pretty normal and I could get laid if you really want to” than a classic pair of black underwear. Girl, it’s not your fault if he doesn’t see it, you are obviously throwing some pretty big hints at him and if he doesn’t respond then, well, I guess you’re not having sex tonight.

2. Take a shower but don’t wash your hair
Now that’s some sexy talk right there! This means you are ready for any kind of fooling around and there’s no wet dripping hair that can get in the way. If you are really tired, I suggest you get dressed in the washroom because a semi-naked body walking around can get you into real trouble.

3. Paint your toenails in front of him
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a foot fetish, if he sees your glamourized toes he will definitely think about men who do have the fetish and BANG! Your boyfriend is already thinking about sex, although maybe in an indirect way. That’s all thanks to your initiative.

4. Eat a banana
Girl, you are saying the words without saying them! You know what men think about the minute they see a woman eating a banana… S E X . You are clearly insinuating that you want his banana inside you, not that you’re hungry and you always have a banana as a snack. Hey, if he doesn’t take the next step then it’s on him. You can enjoy your Sunday knowing you did everything you could to have sex this weekend.

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