Twenty years ago, Tim Sullivan pitilessly murdered Bjork Ólafsdóttir in an alley outside an Outback Steakhouse, in the Australian Outback. Now, in a remarkable new TedTalk that has gone viral on social media platforms practically overnight, Tim Sullivan and Bjork Ólafsdóttir have finally reunited, announcing to an amazed audience that they have managed to put their volatile past behind them.

According to Tim the murderer, “this is truly a one of a kind display of forgiveness, love and growth. Our story of reconciliation is one that people thought would be impossible. Bjork coming back from the dead and being able to forgive me is really something short of a miracle.”

Murderer Tim also went on to explain that, “people seem to think it is impossible to forgive your murderer. Murder victims are constantly pitied and belittled by society and the media. They are often seen as weak and dead. It is not very often that a murderer like me comes out and reconciles with their victim!”

Bjork clarified for those listening that, “if you’ve been murdered, it could be difficult to forgive the perpetrator of your death or you could often blame yourself. Thinking things like, “Why wasn’t I strong enough to withstand those multiple gun shots? Why did I suffocate when that man strangled me with rope? Why did my brain stop working when I suffered multiple blows to my head?”

“The blame shouldn’t only fall on the victim. Of course, it’s natural to hate your murderer. But remember, without forgiveness you are murdering yourself all over again. Bjork’s story of being murdered is very common. What is truly amazing about this story is Tim accepting that, if only he hadn’t decided to murder her, she would still be alive and he wouldn’t have felt like a murderer all these years,” Tim’s mom told us. Bjork has yet to be reached for comment.

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