Hey women what’s up,

Okay so here’s the deal. According to science/research women have more trouble than men achieving orgasm during intercourse lol. As a dude who totally supports feminism and female stuff in general can I give you a piece of advice to help you in the bedroom? Make your orgasms sound a bit more real!!!! Think about it, you’re not really going to be enjoying yourself anyways, but while I’m still in the zone you might as well try to help me cum.

Examples of ways you can help are moaning really loudly, saying “yes” intermixed with my name, and just generally being hot. It just kind of sucks for guys because we watch a lot of porn lmfao and it gives us a really skewed version of what girls are actually like in bed. The real deal is always a disappointment and it’s really just a bummer for all men, y’know? But as I said before I’m a feminist and that’s why I think it’s really important to make my lady cum as well. That’s why once I cum, I don’t mind sitting with you and staring at you until you cum too. It’s never a bad thing to be tardy to the party lol!!

Anyways, thanks for taking my advice women.

Your man Justin or Cory or Brandon or Johnny or you get the idea.

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