1. Pull a coin out from behind her ear:

This trick is for those moments when you love the dress, but don’t have the energy to give it the reaction it warrants. Chances are, if you can’t muster up a big reaction, you’ve had a long day and don’t have the energy for any grand illusions. Plus, if you give her her the coin, she has a little extra money for planning the wedding.

2. Make her engagement ring disappear:

The dress isn’t great. You don’t know if SHE knows that it’s, technically, “dying-Grandpa-white.” She seems so happy and confident. You don’t want to tear her down, but you know she always knows when you’re lying. Try making her engagement ring disappear. Give it about an hour before you make it reappear. She will no longer care what you think of her dress.

3. Disappear into a puff of smoke:

Uh-oh. You’re caught unprepared. Your friend busts the dress out in the most unlikely of places, at your other friend’s mother’s funeral. Do you lie? Do you tell the truth? Decisions are hard! Just ask your friend’s mother, who couldn’t choose between two scented candles at the Body Shop, and had a coronary. Take heed. Before your third friend can say “why do you have a smoke bomb at a funeral” you will have fled for sunny, sunny, anywhere but the funeral home!

5. Saw the dress in half. For real though, not as an illusion:

This trick is best saved for moments when you have a visceral reaction to a, frankly, unsightly dress. This trick usually ends up costing a lot of money, so if it’s not in your budget, it is best to just drop any friends with bad taste before they get engaged.


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