You lucky, lucky human, you! You won tickets to the Toronto premiere of some film from some radio contest somewhere! Now you get to go see a real life movie premiere at Scotiabank Theatre for some film with your fave stars.  Rumour has it, there will be a Q&A afterwards where you get to ask a hot celeb a pressing question.

It’s hard to talk to celebrities because they are not humans. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got your back! Here are some questions to ask when the mic gets passed to you:

1) Ask any question. The first question that pops in your head. What is your favourite colour? Where did you go for dinner tonight? Favourite sexual fantasy? If it’s a lady, go straight for questions about her dress. It doesn’t matter if it has nothing to do with the movie she’s here to promote. Don’t worry about the hundreds of other people in the audience who had actual questions.

2)  A hug.

This one’s a super fun trick. See how fast the moderator gets an eye-twitch.

3) Advice! You are a filmmaker, an artist exactly like that celebrity filmmaker on the stage. Ask personal advice tailored for your career. The audience won’t suffer from second-hand embarrassment at all.

4) Get political! Maybe the film is a rom com set in Chicago. But, who cares?! We think a quick transition into pipelines or Sean Spicer would be a cute way to show your fave celeb that you are an informed and rational citizen. They will definitely remember you for your intelligence.

5) My fave is to not actually ask a question at all! Start with a tone that seems like you’re not going to waste people’s time. Give a brief synopsis of what you just watched, because the stars down front don’t remember what went on in the movie nor do the people who were in the audience with you. Then, transition into to an in-depth story about how the film impacted you. Golden!

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