We’ve got your how-to for this hot beauty trend. Forget the Kim K kontour, because we know you’ve always wanted to look like a headless lady. We got you covered, girl.

1. Alright ladies, class is in session! First off, apply your foundation evenly.

2. With a stick foundation, two shades lighter than your foundation, map out your face. Add lines all around – cheekbones, nose, jawline. Be sure to add a map key for different attractions, with an x marks the spot for the best place to go for brunch.

3. Add some light. Add a foundation two shades lighter than your normal foundation to the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and across your forehead. Then, your pores, your eyelids, your lips, your forehead, your ears, your gum and each individual tooth. Trust us – you’ll be super luminous.

4. Finally, and this is the saving grace of your makeup bag – sorcery. Simply cast a casual invisibility spell (any of your top three will do) and it will take your look from drab to fab. Get ready to turn heads with this headless look!

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