America’s hottest new superstar, singer-songwriter Jason Finkleman-Timberlake, has just released his latest single “I Wanna Go Down on Your Intellect.” The song is reportedly about Finkleman-Timberlake’s girlfriend, model/actress Clara DeRevine. Teenaged girls around the world are LOVING that this progressive pop star wrote a love song that emphasizes the beauty of women’s intelligence rather than just their bodies.

The most poignant lyric from Finkleman-Timberlake’s new song can be found in its final verse, which reads:

“Baby girl, I love the breasts
that sit atop your sexy chest
But that bein’ said, oh that bein said,
I’ll go down on your intellect”

When asked to comment on her boyfriend’s song, Clara DeRevine stated, “I always knew Jason had it in him to write a song like this, and I’m so proud to be the subject of such wonderful work. Like, if you think about it the song actually makes no fucking sense, but I love Jason and he’s an inspiration to us all.”

Finkleman-Timberlake’s single can be bought on iTunes for $50 dollars. Proceeds will help fund Finkleman-Timberlake’s uncle’s late-in-life Bar Mitzvah, because that’s a thing.

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