A study out of “The University of Downtown Kitchener” has found a new, more reliable way to diagnose depression in adults. The study compared a group of adults with clinical depression with a control group and found that the group with depression was able to fill a 6 litre lemonade pitcher with their tears. The control group on the other hand, could only fill a thimble.

“We decided to use the lemonade pitcher to drink lemonade instead,” said one participant from the control group. “Gary had his bike with him at the study, so he popped out, grabbed some packets of powdered lemonade, and we all shared a glass o’ nade over some fun stories about not being bogged down by our own neuroses! Then Sheila told us a funny story about the time she didn’t sabotage her relationship and I laughed so hard I near filled a thimble with tears!”

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