If you’ve ever been to a gender reveal party you MUST have thought, “wait a minute, this is an excellent idea to use for so many other situations in my life.” If that’s the case – which we’re sure it is – then here are some of our favourite alternative reveal parties:

1. Relationship Status Reveal Party

The great thing about this party is that you can use it to break the news to your loved one if he or she are still in or out of the game.

Revealing Device Suggested: a big pinata from where it can either rain cute little marshmallow hearts or real life, dangerous snakes to end this party in a few minutes.

2. Abortion Reveal Party

This party can be fun, come one! Don’t be a party pooper! Make that special moment where you tell your partner if they are going to become parents or not a a fun one.

Revealing Device Suggested: classic and timeless cake. Only this time you can fill it up with grey coloring if you ARE having a kid, to show the uncertainty of your future, or colour it green, to symbolize the free pass. But hey, only this time! Don’t let them get used to delicious cake every time this happens!

3. End of Job Probation Period Party

Offices are always looking for ways to motivate their workers and create a fun environment so we think this might help with that. Let your new staff know if they did an awesome or crappy job with an interactive party that will scar the rest of their professional lives.

Revealing Device Suggested: place the individual at the top of a desk or chair. Everyone at the office will gather below waiting to catch the person, but only if he or she is keeping the job.

4. STDs Reveal Party

Which better way to say “You have herpes”? People should celebrate this important day in their lives and we have the best device to do it.

Revealing Device Suggested: the telephone game. Have everyone in your family and friends be part of the experience and help out to give the message to the poor bastard waiting at the end of the line.

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