The newest bakery in the Annex, Gasstation is serving up Toronto’s newest food trend. Inspired by the boulangerie/patisserie of backroads truck stops, this contemporary food establishment absolutely hits the mark.

Gasstation served up its signature blueberry muffin in an innovative presentation and in what can only be considered a nod to the wrapping of the late 80’s – a simple cello wrapper that had been sealed mechanically somehow. Leaving one guessing and curious. A playful presentation, to be sure.

The muffin was ambitious in size, but certainly a true feat for chef, Sugar Foods Imports. It was as though the muffin had swallowed all the other muffins in the pan – striving to provide a day’s worth of calories. Somehow it had managed to be sticky and wet on the outside but crumble as I bit into it and finishing with a slightly biting aftertaste. Truly ambrosial in its flavour and mouthfeel.

The chef, a relative newcomer by the name of Mr. Sugar Foods Imports, was reportedly inspired to create what has become his signature creation when he needed to stop for gas at a desolate and terrifying truck stop off of Highway 102 in rural Nova Scotia just last summer. He explained the inspiration hit him immediately, and he left wanting to recreate that sense of leftover baked goods from a mysterious factory far far away that then had to travel for days before being consumed.

He wants his food to taste like it has had a rich life – like it has a story. He’s managed to infuse his playful and inquisitive nature into his foods, leaving the patron wondering age old questions like, “are these even blueberries?” and “how old is this?” Destined to be the next it thing in Toronto, this gas station gastronomy cannot and should not be missed – and the lineups are already forming.

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Brittany is a Nova Scotian who sometimes calls Toronto home. She likes coffee almost as much as she likes her dogs and she likes her dogs more she likes most humans.

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