It was a particularly cold night when Samantha Ruiz Skyped her parents from Venezuela for a quick check in on their lives. Right from the get go it seemed clear this was going to be a hard conversation. Her mom, Susana started with “Well look who decides to show up!”.

Samantha, 28, decides to ignore the passive aggressive comment and continue like it didn’t bother her; however, after five minutes of inquisition and examination on her parents’ side, she decided it was time for the old trick: blame it on their 3rd world country’s poor connection.

“What? I’m sorry, I didn’t get that, your video froze. Ca…”. Her parents were not buying it though. “I can see you perfectly, just losing the audio a bit. Speaking of which, I saw that picture you posted on Instagram. Who’s that boy?” responded her mom.

It was time for the big guns. Samantha made the bold decision to paralyze her face and body movement for 50 seconds straight until her mom finally gave up and ended the call.

Too bad she can now try through FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook Chat, Google Hangout and CallYourMomAsshole.


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