This city loves to line up. Put a stantion on a sidewalk and you’ve got a lineup a block long. Which, of course, makes for some very ‘grammable moments. Here’s where to find Toronto’s most Instagram-worthy lineups!

1. Sweet Jesus. Known for its soft-serve rolled in stuff, the photogenic quality of its lineups are often overshadowed by its cones. But, we’re saying hit up that line at King and John and you’ve got yourself some Insta gold.
Recommended hashtags: #SoThisHappened, #SoftServeMePlease, #ImTurningCatholicNow, #JesusWasCatholicRight?

2. Hot Docs. Or any film festival for that matter. Put up a step and repeat in this city and people just start forming lines. Go ahead and try it! Your pic will result in a mixture of impatient movie-enthusiasts mixed with celeb-stalkers.
Recommended hashtags: #Movies, #HotDocs, #2HoursInLine, #IHateMyLife, #WhatTheHellAreThesePeopleDoing

3.Brunch on a Sunday. You pick. Even Cora’s isn’t missing out on these trendy lineups. This pic of hungry people waiting for breakfast will really convey the meaning of #sundayfunday.
Recommended hashtags: #SundayFunday #SundaySpentInLine #SundayFadesAway #IAmFadingAway

4. Scotiabank at Spadina & Bloor. This old school lineup really harkens back to the old school lineup days. Skip the online banking and checkout this crew who love to lineup on a weekday. We love the vibe this lineup gives any ‘gram. Filter rec = Nashville.

Recommended hashtags: #Banking, #OldPeople, #WastingMyYouthInLine, #WhyDoesThatPersonHaveSoManyToonies

5. A popup for an American restaurant. Our neighbours to the South may not be our faves right now, but we sure do still love their restaurants. To demonstrate our love for their restaurants, we love to lineup a good hour before we taste the food, just to really hit home the concept of our love. The way the lineups span down the block and really bring together the foodie population of the city – it’s really a beautiful thing. And makes for a truly stunning Instagram post.
Recommended hashtags: #WaitingForFood #LinesForDays #FriendsInLine #IMetMyHusbandInLine #WeGotMarriedInLine #ThisLineIsOurReception #PartyLine

6. Any other pop up. A store that’s thinking of opening but doesn’t know if it should risk a Toronto location? Lines for dayyyyyys, my friends. Kanye? Cher? Lint rollers? You make a pop up with some trendy aesthetic and some cooler-than-thou employees and you’ve got yourself one very photographic lineup.
Recommended hashtags: #PopUpsAreCool #LookAtAllTheseCoolPeople #AmICoolNowToo #ICantEvenRememberWhatImWaitingForButItMustBeWorthIt

7. Bang Bang Ice Cream. Snow, sleet, rain or sun there is a photographic lineup to be found here. You may even want to turn this lineup into an Instagram story. Either way, this Ossington hot spot’s lines will leave you feeling #blessed.
Recommended hashtags: #blessed #SundaeFunday #IceCream #IScramForIceCream #IScreamAtPeopleInLineForIceCream #WorthIt

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