Karlie Mullin was shocked and deeply saddened on Thursday afternoon when she discovered that her new co-op workspace was not solely a place of good vibes. Despite the coffee mugs, wall art, social media hashtags, and recruitment literature, there was indeed the presence of a mediocre vibe late Thursday afternoon.

Mullin, a Toronto freelancer looking to take her personal brand to the next level, decided earlier this month that a co-op workspace would be a perfect fit for her. “I looked for a place where the vibes really spoke to me, you know. I’m always busy. So busy. And I needed a place where I could be busy but in a cool environment.”

She was sold on the upscale furnishings, drip specialty coffee, weeknight concert series, lunchtime craft beer tastings, pet grooming, catered lunches, opera singing tutorials, art openings, indoor team Frisbee, karaoke afternoons. All conducive to quiet workplace productivity and certainly bringers of good vibes.

The incident occurred when Mullin brewed herself some coffee on mid-Thursday afternoon. She asked one of her fellow freelancers if he would like a cup and received simply a, “hmmmm.” The presence of the mediocre vibe was immediately detected by Karlie and left her feeling betrayed. Mullin credits her brand to a “good vibes only” lifestyle and was immediately concerned what this lack of good vibes would do to her brand.

Karlie is reportedly considering a new workspace but is taking some time at a yoga retreat and partaking in a juice cleanse to recover.

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