In an incredible display of strength on Saturday night, Karla Dougas was able to refrain from vomiting after her boyfriend referred to himself and his dick as ‘we’.

The incident reportedly occurred late Saturday night after ‘a few’. Preceded by a ‘you up’, Dougas was the recipient of a dick pick late into the night. Said pic was immediately followed by the atrocious use of the pronoun. He went on to name said penis, which apparently responds to Gerald.

She confirmed the urge to vomit was certainly present, but through an inspiring show of strength and determination, she managed to hold it together after learning of Gerald’s fear of cold showers and love of sunset walks on the beach.

A hero to women everywhere, Dougas explained that the ‘we’ deeply troubled her. He must refrain from using ‘we’ even if his penis is behind on his taxes, once had a band in Lunenburg, and is a proud member of the NDP.

She explained about her boyfriend: “He used to do this when we first started hooking up, but I thought we were past this. Once, I thought he was into a threesome, but he counted himself and his penis as two.

The two have since talked and she clarified for him that he is only to refer to himself in the singular, despite how important he may believe his dick is. “I tried to use the explanation that my tits and I are not a threesome, but he actually thought that would still constitute a foursome. So we backtracked and got to a decent place.”

“To penis owners everywhere,” Dougas shared, “remember that we stomach a lot. We get how much you love it. But please do not ever refer to you and your penis as a twosome.”

Her bf has yet to comment on said incident.

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