In 2006, Dr. Dre – a well known icon of hip hop and style – decided to fuse impeccable sound with the majesty of modern fashion. Beats By Dr. Dre were soon born. The innovative product line acted as the inaugural brand name to bring perfect sound to headphones, earbuds, speakers and wireless merchandise to a new generation of consumers who wanted crisp noise while still looking hella fresh.
Cut to ten years later and Beats by Dr. Dre are now the premiere name in wireless headphones and portable speakers. You can’t walk ten steps into a commercial space without the sick bass of Dre speakers rattling your insides like toast crumbs in a jar of honey getting shook up by an angry toddler. With the worlds of hip hop and high fidelity audio conquered and dominated, the next obvious step for Dr. Dre would be to go outside the landscape of entertainment and into the domain of ripe n’ fresh fruits and vegetables.
“I knew I wanted my brand to branch out. I don’t just want to be associated with music. I thought to myself ‘Dre, what world should you next conquer?’ Then I remembered that ‘beats’ can mean more than more than one thing and I knew what I had to do.”
Organic Beets by Dr. Dre is the all-new purple vegetable product line from Dre, destined to take the health food market by storm. The practical health benefits of beets are unmatched – from their cancer preventative measures to their ability to make your poop bright purple, beets are one of the hottest food products in stores right now. There really couldn’t be a better time for Dre to take the root vegetable game to the next level.
In line with his Beats advertising campaigns, Beets product placements are expected to appear in numerous music videos and premium cable outings. Expect to see your favourite purple products in videos from Ellie Goulding, The Chainsmokers and even in an undisclosed Sonic Youth project. You’ll also be introduced to the sweet vegetable phenomena in the second seasons of 13 Reasons Why, Jessica Jones and a number of other Netflix Original programs.
This summer, Beets by Dr. Dre will be dropping in all popular supermarkets around the country – organic and rich with vitamins and nutrients, Beets by Dre are guaranteed to keep your family hella healthy and fresh.
Beets By Dr. Dre – because, when it comes to your family’s nutrition, you gotta trust the Doctor.

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