This Easter season we got you covered girl with the most creative and incredible places to hide your Easter eggs along with your feelings for Joshua, your bf’s hot friend from work.

1. Your nightstand

You may think this is an easy spot for children to look for Easter eggs but what they don’t know is that this nightstand has a special compartment where you also hide memorabilia of each night you’ve seen Joshua in your life.

2. Your diary

This is a soft spot for children. They really respect a diary’s privacy and it’s hard for them to imagine you drew a bunch of cute decorated eggs in there. So points for that! Secondly, your forbidden attraction to Joshua will have a place to expand besides your dreams. We recommend that you use a pseudonym in your love letters since you may have a crazy jealous boyfriend that should trust the woman beside him.

3. Your laundry 

Kids love dirt and mess so why not invite them to the filthiest place of your home? Your laundry basket is filled with perfect little pockets for some delicious chocolate eggs and an extra of “I want Joshua in my panties now”.

4. The fridge

What a fun little way to prank children! Place the chocolate-marshmellow-meat-loaf eggs in a regular egg carton and trick those kids into believing you’ve never thought how your babies with Joshua would look like.

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