Satisfied Old Patient: I always dreamed of being old. And satisfied. I worked hard all my life so that I could be a satisfied person when I retired. I founded a non-profit that gave aid to families in need in downtown Toronto in the 70s. And I also spent a short period of my life in the armed services working on some highly classified missions. But none of that is really important. It’s always been preoccupied about being a happy old patient when I got older. I had this vision of having an earache someday. Or maybe I would have trouble urinating. Maybe even some knee pain – or chest pain. That part was up in the air, if you will. But I always dreamed of the day an ailment would strike, I’d head to the doctor and then it would happen – I would be satisfied by a successful young doctor.

Successful Young Doctor: I am a successful young doctor. I’m super rich and I’m pretty young. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor because the arts are dumb. I always wanted money and I knew I wasn’t going to be an investment banker. People are seriously impressed when I tell them I’m a successful young doctor. Med school was hard but I mean I went out there and I gave it my all, you know? And here I am. Oh Gerald? Yeah he’s a new patient. He was pretty happy with my cholesterol med prescription I just wrote him. I guess he had always wanted a young successful doctor or something, because he kept talking about how this was a dream come true. I do recognize that good care is hard to come by. Totally. Did I mention I’m a doctor?

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