Wedding season is upon us and as you gear up to stand in front of your friend’s friends and family while she says dramatic things like how she’ll love the same human until she actually dies, we thought it would be helpful to help you start thinking about how to re-purpose that bridesmaid’s dress you’ll be wearing. You know, the dress you’ve been told you can totally wear again by a bride who thinks she is special enough to be the first bride ever in the history of weddings whose bridesmaid wears her dress again. So get your thinking cap on, and in the meantime, here’s some ways we think you can make the most of that satiny number.

#1. Shorten it and wear it again. And again and again and again. You’ve been told multiple times that this satiny-screams-bridesmaid-dress is super versatile. “You can totally shorten it and wear it again!” they coo as you stand in front of a mirror at some perky wedding boutique. So girl, why not! We say shorten that versatile little number into something roughly knee length and wear the hell out of it. Over and over and over. The newlyweds invite you over for a BBQ? Fuchsia dress. First date? Fuchsia dress. Grocery shopping? Fuchsia dress. Brunch? Fuchsia dress. Pap? Fuchsia dress. Be the Fuchsia dress girl from this season on. Sure, it may be a tad passive aggressive, but really you’re just getting your money’s worth.

#2. Preserve it. Do that thing with your dress that all of our moms have done with their 80’s wedding dresses. That thing where they spent hundreds of dollars to put in in a weird floral box with a clear front so that someday we can wear it in all its puffy-sleeved glory. Well, we suggest doing that with your bridesmaid dress. Then, someday when you have a daughter, she can wear it when she too, is a bridesmaid (the future bride will totally be OK with this), or you know, she could make a christening dress out of it for her future child.

#3. Put it in the closet with all of your other bridesmaid’s dresses. Then, someday, when your younger sister falls for the man you secretly love, and you have to help her plan her wedding to said man, and James Marsden is following you around harassing you about your love of being a bridesmaid, and you end up soaking wet singing Bennie and the Jets atop a table in a weird bar, and you finally realize you’ll marry him, but not before messing up your sister’s engagement and then you get married some time later, you’ll have all of your bridesmaid’s wear the dresses in your closet of sad dresses. Solid plan. Happens all the time.

#4. Drapery. They said it was versatile. But they had no idea just how versatile! Simply hang up that emerald green number and you’ve got yourself some satiny, on-trend window coverings. There’s a layer of tulle? Amazing! Now you’ve got yourself a simple sheer.

#5. Art attack. Embrace your inner artist and use your bridesmaid’s dress to make yourself a gorgeous mural out of weird stuff. A true nod to an incredible 90s children’s show, be sure to wink at the camera when your masterpiece is revealed from an overhead shot.

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