These iconic on-screen couples fingered each other all the time on set. On-screen, they played loving couples that didn’t finger each other that much. But, amazingly, off-screen things weren’t as they seemed! It’s amazing that these on-screen couples were able to portray couples that actually didn’t finger each other. It’s a testament to their acting chops if nothing else!



1. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt (Mad About You)

In the sitcom “Mad About You” Reiser and Hunt play a newly married couple. While the show ended in 1999, somebody forgot to tell the two stars. They continued to finger each other offscreen for an extra two seasons.


2. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing)

Grey and Swayze played Baby and Johnny in this 1987 classic. Johnny, a sexy dancer, wins Baby over with his swivelling hips and ripped body. Off-screen, they fingered each other.


3. Shiri Appleby and Eyal Podell (Pizza My Heart)

Appleby and Podell famously portrayed the offspring of rival pizzeria owners. They begin a secret romance despite a family feud that dates back to the old country. On-screen, they pizza their way into each others hearts. Off-screen, they fingered each other.


4. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (Bones)

Although Boreanaz and Deschanel have scorching hot chemistry on-screen, off-screen they finger each other. According to a grip that works on the set: “They refuse to finger anybody else. Not even me!” Wow. Very different from what is happening on-screen.


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