Coachella weekend 2 is upon us. And before you have a moment tomorrow scrolling through your Instagram feed and your feed looks exactly the same as last weekend, and all the bloggers and models are wearing flower crowns and an assortment of would-be boho chic with a splash of cultural appropriation, and then naturally, you think you’ve traveled back in time to last weekend, STOP! This happens to us every year.

Basically, time is kind of repeating, and it’s just about to repeat itself. Once a year, a weekend in April repeats itself. It has something to do with daylight savings and the astrological power of music or something.

Most importantly, you haven’t traveled back in time.

So, don’t try to unsend that unfortunate email to your work-husband from late last Sunday night. It’s been sent. You can’t do anything about it.

Our predictions for the weekend: There will be a Sunday, preceded by a Saturday.

We also predict you will still look at the Starbucks unicorn frappucino and wonder if it tastes like glitter. Don’t go for it. This will mess with the space time continuum. Or, you’ll barf. One of those.

And finally, due to previous engagements, Easter will not be repeating itself this year. Jesus is otherwise preoccupied with the state of the world, and the Catholic church stepped in and let him off the hook.

We hope you enjoy this annual tradition and try not get up to too much trouble. Your Instagram should return to normal after Monday. Except for the #TBT’s for months to come.



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