Jessany Hamilton and Chad Bertman are officially over. But their breakup has landed them in the Guinness Book of World Records. Reports claim that Chad Bertman of Welland, ON ended his relationship with his girlfriend of 2 years, Jessany Hamilton of Aurora, ON this past Tuesday at approximately 7:00PM. The breakup was facilitated through phone and just to make the event extra special, Bertman offered up a record-breaking amount of breakup cliches in his one minute phone call.

Bertman really went for it, calling on all the well-used faves ranging from “it’s not you, it’s me” to the ever-popular “I think we should be friends” and from “I think we should see other people” to the age-old “I am just not ready for a relationship right now.”

He didn’t stop there, though! Bertman told us that he, “really wanted a special way to commemorate the end of this relationship” and he could think of no better way than to go through the entire arsenal of breakup cliches.

Witnesses say that there was a moment of doubt when Bertman was down to the wire with only 10 seconds to go and one cliche left in order to break the pre-existing record. With a display of pure determination to break up with Hamilton, Bertman was able to pull through with a solid “you deserve someone better than me” to solidify his place in the record books.

In order to prepare for such a momentous day, Bertman reportedly ‘got super flaky’ and ‘ghosted for a while.’

Hamilton has yet to respond, but sources say she knows it wasn’t really her, it was him.

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