In an attempt to avoid last year’s incident, Gabrielle’s mom decided to take the whole Instagram Mother’s Day post into her own hands and make sure the picture was appropriate and classy.

“I don’t really want to get into the details of what happened last year, it’s something Gabrielle and I are trying to forget” explained Geraldine, Gabrielle’s mom who later sent us a three page email explaining the whole details of last year’s episode.

In her own words Geraldine explains “Is not that I didn’t like my daughter’s gesture, but if you’re going to make me a gift, you should just do it right. I mean, what kind of person thinks that posting a picture of her own mother in the ER, all sweaty, just minutes after giving birth to an 8 pounds baby is a good idea? And for Mother’s Day?! I mean just slap me in the face already! Anyways, she wanted to do something sweet but I think we can all agree that she made things worse.”

This is why this year Geraldine has already sent a few pictures to her daughter that are appropriate, show her best angle, and of course are from when she hadn’t had babies yet and was looking, and we quote, “hot AF”.

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