Ever notice that Beyoncé keeps adding an extra baby to each pregnancy? First she had daughter Poison Ivey (check that name is correct) and now she is pregnant with twins! Rumour has it that Beyoncé is going to add yet another child to her next pregnancy and, if my calculations are correct and 2 plus 1 is in fact three, she will be having triplets!

Queen Bey has kept mum about what all of this means, but according to a source close to the singer, Jay Z and Beyoncé are attempting to form the most majestic human period known to mankind. The couple is hoping that they can have a large portion of the pyramid formed by the 2019 Met Ball Gala, as the event’s theme will be Shapes, and according to mathematicians a pyramid is a kind of shape.

It is not known how long the children will have to stay in pyramid formation at the Met Gala, but sources have confirmed they will have multiple breaks. The main question on everyone’s mind, however, is how big will the pyramid get since, as my colleague cleverly observed, a person simply cannot make anymore babies. This remains to be answered, but for now we wish the Carters nothing but success as they begin the initial stages of their pyramid formation.

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