If you only have one mole under your right elbow, you can’t even begin to comprehend these things the two-mole-ers just get.

1) The smell of a meadow after a summer’s rain. That second mole really allows the nose receptors to fully grasp and process the smells of dewy meadows.

2) The feeling when you look at the back of your arm, right below your elbow in the mirror and you see two moles under your right elbow. Not one. Not seven. Not forty-five. Not three. Two.

3) The feeling of having your first-born child grow up to graduate at the top of her class from Harvard Law. You think you know. But you have no idea. (Unless, of course, the moles.)

4) When you meet another person with two moles under their right elbow and you do the secret handshake, wink and recite the secret oath under your breath.

5) The feeling of pure joy on Christmas morning. We just get it! What can we say? Must be the moles 😉

Photo credit: Unsplash, Joshua Earle

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