Gold foil balloons are everywhere. Instagram has taught us they’re to be used for any and every important announcement. Just get engaged? A shiny M R S in balloons is a must. Having a boy? We need to see it in balloons. Reach 100k followers? Gold foil balloons or it didn’t happen. Basically, gold foil balloons are how you should deliver news now. And that got us thinking about how we aren’t using these shiny little letters to their full advantage.

Behold! 5 things to say with gold foil balloons.

1) T U E S D A Y

Sure sure, you were at a brunch on Sunday and there was a super cute S U N D A Y spelt out in gold foil balloons behind the buffet in your friend’s haute loft. Well, anyone can celebrate Sunday or Friday, but Tuesday is also a day. And your coworkers need to be reminded.

2) D I V O R C E

These shiny little letters weren’t trendy when you said “I do” but now’s your time. Announce your “I don’t” with a classy D I V O R C E floating in the living room when he gets home from work. Then, commemorate the occasion on Instagram.

3) H E R P E S

It’s important to be open and honest with your sexual partners. But more importantly, be open and honest with gold foil balloons. Your partner will appreciate your honesty, your creativity, and your gifting them with the perfect ‘gram.

4) N O  J U N K  M A I L

Can’t get the point across to that dumb mailman of yours? Don’t you worry, we have just the thing! Tell him in gold foil balloons – just trust us.

5) T R A F F I C  M O V I N G  S L O W L Y  O N  T H E  G A R D I N E R  D U E  T O  C R A S H  I N V O L V I N G  R A C C O O N  ;  2  I N J U R E D

News needs to be delivered, so why not jazz it up a little with some gold foil balloons. Get everyone’s attention and let these trendy little letters spell out the headlines.

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