Brian Wayne was drinking his third pint of beer when he was caught saying out loud that “2017 will be the coldest year in history for Canada. I can assure you that” without being asked or having at least one person in the group interested in the conversation.

Gabriela Perez, another friend at the party describes the scene as “one more pathetic intent to get our attention and dominate the conversation. Brian is such a loser”.  When asked about his source, Brian added “My source? How about history and common sense? I am telling you man, this winter will be the coldest. We are heading for some cruel temperatures”.

Paul Safino, the party’s host, comments “Did you guys know that Brian was coming? I keep telling people not to invite him but there’s always one person who didn’t know and asks him for the ride. God damn it Brian, get the hint! Or at least bring you own beer”.

Originally published on: Dec 21, 2016

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