Researchers have been trying for years to crack open the secret to flattering eyeshadow colour; well one team of scientists at Vapid Laboratories in Kingston, Ontario finally found the answer. Apparently, the eyeshadow that best suits your face shape, hair, and skin tone is the exact colour of your grandfather’s ashes.

Michelle Alister, one of the researchers on the team, explained how they arrived at this discovery: “We were originally trying to find a cure for colon cancer. We got pretty close. The research was very personal to me as my grandfather had colon cancer and was one of the patients in our trial experiment. But then, after doing extensive research on him, I cremated my grandfather and got a bit of his ash on my face. And I looked…great. So I was like ‘let’s do this instead’.”

Now that this beauty mystery has been unlocked, how can you go about finding out what your grandfather’s ashes look like? Beauty guru Brendan Stork has the following advice: “K first of all I’m a maven, not a guru. And second of all, my advice is to make sure that you’re responsible for cremating your own grandfather. Who wants their precious grandfather cremated by some stranger anyway, a stranger who’s pallid yellowy undertones won’t even be complemented by the misty grey hues of your grandfather’s ashes!”

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