Brian Locke and Michaela Roberts were last spotted at a romantic bench in the park caressing and calling each other funny nicknames on a chilly, but beautiful January afternoon. Sources at the location explained the couple seemed to be enjoying themselves until Locke dared to ask: “What should we have for lunch?”. Michaela, who was laying on her boyfriend’s lap, stood up and looked at Brian with blank eyes.

See below for a full transcription of the conversation:

Brian Locke: What are you in the mood for baby?

Michaela Roberts: I don’t know honey. Maybe Chinese?

Locke: Ugh, Chinese is so greasy, no way.

Roberts: Okay, you don’t have to be a dick about it. Mexican? Japanese?

Locke: Are we naming all nationalities here or what?

Roberts: Well, at least I’m being constructive. God, this is so typical of you.

Old Lady: Is that dog yours? He’s eating a dead chipmunk.

Locke: That’s it! I’m sleeping at my parent’s tonight and Cheerio is coming with me.

Cheerio: Woof!

Still no word on what the couple ended up having for lunch or who got full custody of Cheerio.

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