Ever seen a sleeveless shirt and thought to yourself, “I wonder what the sleeves are up to now”? Well we have some great news for you guys. We recently caught up with all of the well-known sleeves from some of the most sleeveless shirts and said…”hey guys? watchya been up to?” Here are their SHOCKING replies.

1. Sleeves from a men’s tank

These sleeves are living the dream. We always knew these sleeves would have big success but we never dreamed their success would be THIS big. These sleeves apparently now own a time-share with…you guessed it…Demi Lovato! Can you believe it? We asked if they ever get to see the mega-star and here’s their unbelievable answer: “No.”

2. Sleeves from a denim vest

Last time we checked in with these sleeves, they were living the rock and roll lifestyle you’d expect from two arm-shaped pieces of denim. But things have changed majorly for these two sleeves…or should we say…these two Steves! You guessed it. They are both accountants named Steve now.

3. Sleeves from a Christmas vest

Everybody remembers this dynamic duo from their short-lived stint on a Christmas sweater. Although both sleeves were known for their celebratory nature and wholesome demeanour, both sleeves died tragically in a shoot-out with one another. Sometimes, not even friendship is powerful enough to overcome bullets.

4. Sleeve Jennings, a.k.a Larry Zipursky

Zipursky was a polarizing figure. As beloved as he was reviled, one thing nobody could call this drug kingpin was boring. He made that very clear after the incident in which his brother-in-law Carluci called him boring and Zipursky ripped both of Carluci’s arms off. It was this incident that earned Zipursky the nickname “Sleeve” after he quickly followed up the de-arming with a humdinger of a line: “Looks like SOMEBODY won’t be needin’ no more sleeves, eh? “

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